Playlist // Wild Beat Retreat

July 21, 2017     Like This Post!
  1. Jungle Love Morris Day & The Time 3:19
  2. Dead Man's Party Oingo Boingo 6:21
  3. Let's Dance David Bowie 4:10
  4. Everybody Have Fun Tonight Wang Chung 4:47
  5. Wild Wild Life Talking Heads 3:40
  6. Tarzan Boy Baltimora 6:19
  7. Self Control Laura Branigan 5:05
  8. Hold The Line Toto 3:59
  9. Out Of Touch Hall & Oates 4:13
  10. Hip To Be Square Huey Lewis & The News 3:49
  11. Big Time Peter Gabriel 4:31
  12. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine 3:58
  13. She Bop Cyndi Lauper 3:52
  14. Antmusic Adam Ant 3:36

Planning a well thought out curated playlist can feel like a workout. I enjoy making them, but sometimes it takes months and I get anxious to share them. I linger on songs, and really work around the mood and feelings of songs. Everybody has their method of making playlists, and that’s mine. I’m like a mood ring, but for music?


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Entertain Me Monday

Quirky Secretaries In Entertainment

July 17, 2017     Like This Post!

There’s this repetitive idea it seems that when people write scripts for film or television, they go with this office setting that has the typical characters such as the uptight boss, and the quirky secretary. At this point, it’s predictable. Not that it could be a bad thing, but it’d be nice to see quirky female boss ladies? Hmm.

But at the same time, it’s not so far away from real life because I’ve seen this a lot. The receptionist from my pediatrician from back in the day was wacky. She had frizzy red hair, bright blue eyeshadow, and red lipstick. At my current job, the secretary for the big boss has a short black bob, wears Cleopatra makeup, and all sorts of patterns that clash. I actually love this, but like I said, it’d be awesome to see a boss lady like this.

It made me think of movies and tv shows I’ve watched. The quirky secretaries: it’s a thing.

Lucy Moran // Twin Peaks

Quirks: 90’s style with large knit sweaters, large curly hair, high voice, cute but sassy attitude especially towards Deputy Andy and their precious but rocky relationship.


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Love Notes

Addicted To Love Notes

July 7, 2017     Like This Post!

I’ve been on a bit of an internet hiatus the past month, but I’ve been keeping an eye out everywhere I’ve gone around the city taking pictures of whatever graffiti I came across.

A lot of trucks, doors, and scribbles down in the subway. You know, the usual.


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Weekday Warrior

June 21, 2017     Like This Post!

Weekday Warrior Illustration

This year, I’ve been trying to expand outside of my 9-6 job and do some freelance work/side project fun. One thing that is a “practice what you preach” for me involves sending out emails to people and/or companies and inquire about any sort of freelance or submissions. At the end of the day, what do you have to lose? It never hurts asking even if these people and companies aren’t looking for extra or outside help.

So I came across a “help wanted” Insta post for a pin company and I thought, “hey, yolo”. After some back and forth and some test designs, it ended up being a bust which is a bummer, but these things happen. Companies knows their aesthetic and what their customer wants. I guess I was right at the border but couldn’t fully cross over the line to what they were looking for.


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Action Reaction

Hoarders Paradise

June 1, 2017     Like This Post!

Whenever I get into conversations about my hobbies and background in art and sewing, I always bring up my grandparents. My grandma was a seamstress and when my grandparents moved to America, they bought a space in Queens and opened up a shoe repair shop. They had all sorts of machinery, and loads of leather, shoelaces, and other materials. I loved visiting them at work when I was young because it was fun watching them fix all sorts of shoes.

Their basement in their home was what you could imagine. Multiple old school Singer sewing machines attached to the table, fabric everywhere, thread, and other miscellaneous items. Towards the end of them owning their shop, and before my grandma got sick, their basement turned into a hot mess which one would say became a bad case of hoarding. It was mostly my grandma and her need to collect things to sell at flea markets. But flea markets became out of the question when she became immobile. After that, we’d take a trip to the basement to grab a few things here and there when I was running out of sewing supplies.


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It’s Not Lady Luck

May 26, 2017     Like This Post!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about motivation and what drives people to try and be go-getters. I have some friends currently browsing for new jobs; some notice how miserable they are in their current situation and are actively applying for new jobs, and some know they’re miserable but can’t seem to find the motivation to apply to job postings they come across. This makes me wonder what the latter can do to find the will to send their resumes out to change their situation. Not everyone is a go-getter. Hell, I’m not either, but I try my best to change my situation if I find it’s not working for me. Adapting for the better can really make a huge difference in your outlook on life.


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