Hey! I’m Maria, a simple, honest, silly, introverted, artsy person experiencing the “not-so-fresh out of college but still confused as to where to go and what to do” identity crisis, trying to figure out the meaning of life. Well, my life specifically.

After a failed attempt of moving across country to Portland, Oregon in late 2014, I began this blog to keep myself busy and share bits of my life and interests while getting into the groove of moving back to my home state of New York. I spent a good chunk of 2015 traveling and getting arts & crafty. Since November 2015, I’ve been employed, taking it one day at a time getting my life back on track. I learned that sometimes it takes longer than planned.

+ I like my arts, my music, and time to myself. I have too many thoughts circling my head and this blog has become the perfect outlet to share my thoughts and interests while being creative and slightly poking fun. More importantly, it’s become a place for me to challenge my amateur photography skills, enhance my writing, encourage sketching, finish projects, and to keep on crafting.
+ I love learning new things and I have a knack for finding everything I need via Google.
+ My favorite color is plum, I prefer secondary colors over primaries, my favorite complementary pair is red and green, and my favorite color combination is salmon and seafoam green. But all colors make me happy.
+ I graduated from art school and have been doing a horrendous job at figuring out how to put my degree to full time use have been working full time designing children’s footwear for a small company in NYC.


In this current age we live in, I think it’s interesting looking at our environment and what has become the social norms. Everything has become accessible via technology, yet there’s this tension of moving forward while trying not to let go of the past, and I think it’s fascinating watching this struggle.

I find myself in the middle of this struggle trying to keep up with modern advances while having difficulty getting past the physical materialistic things I grew up with.
Here I am documenting thoughts, interests, and inspirations (mostly mine) as I am an active member of this current generation – taking in and appreciating the new with a big spoonful of nostalgia.
I also want to fight the good fight against the short-attention-span reputation our generation has become known for and share my take on being a young adult getting by in this modern era.

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Macbook Pro, Wacom Intuos Pen Small Tablet, Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera RX100, & iPhone 5S

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