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Quirky Secretaries In Entertainment

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There’s this repetitive idea it seems that when people write scripts for film or television, they go with this office setting that has the typical characters such as the uptight boss, and the quirky secretary. At this point, it’s predictable. Not that it could be a bad thing, but it’d be nice to see quirky female boss ladies? Hmm.

But at the same time, it’s not so far away from real life because I’ve seen this a lot. The receptionist from my pediatrician from back in the day was wacky. She had frizzy red hair, bright blue eyeshadow, and red lipstick. At my current job, the secretary for the big boss has a short black bob, wears Cleopatra makeup, and all sorts of patterns that clash. I actually love this, but like I said, it’d be awesome to see a boss lady like this.

It made me think of movies and tv shows I’ve watched. The quirky secretaries: it’s a thing.

Lucy Moran // Twin Peaks

Quirks: 90’s style with large knit sweaters, large curly hair, high voice, cute but sassy attitude especially towards Deputy Andy and their precious but rocky relationship.

Janine Melnitz // Ghostbusters I & 2

Quirks: Smart New Yorker with a New Yawk drawl, fashionable sporting pixie cuts and bobs, where nothing phases her like chasing ghosts is an everyday activity. Well, for her, it is.

Mimi Bobeck // The Drew Carey Show

Quirks: Gaudy, garish, loud, and creative when it comes to making Drew Carey’s life miserable. She has high self esteem thinking she’s the most fashionable person she knows.

Beth // NewsRadio

Quirks: Charming, sarcastic fun 90’s style, always chewing gum, hyperactive, always interested in digging into everyone’s personal business, can’t keep anything to herself which makes for entertaining scenarios.

Agnes DiPesto // Moonlighting

Quirks: Answers the phones in hefty rhymes, sincerely cares about everyone, always has a large smile on, unless she’s saddened in which her profound reflections will strike you in the heart.

Geena Briganti // Life With Mikey

Quirks: Gum chewing sassy New Yorker with a strong accent, fun wardrobe and accessories, kinda like the big momma in the agency throwing her two cents but not being overbearing.

Grace // Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Quirks: In on the high school gossip, pencil hoarder, cheery, quietly sassy and from what it kinda seems like, slightly always judging you.

The final consensus is that the quirky secretaries have all the sass and fun wardrobes. If anything, they’ve got the best part in these movies and tv series. Maybe, they’re the ones secretly having all the fun with their light hearted charisma and stress-free lives?

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