This To That // Mirror Mirror

October 19, 2016     Like This Post!

One, I apologize for the dirty mirror. I actually Photoshopped a lot of the dirty marks out. Shhh, don’t tell anyone…
Two, can we discuss how there is no good angle to take a mirror picture? A selfie is not my intention, but you can’t avoid it when you’re trying to show a mirror redo.


Entertain Me Monday

Fun Zombie Flicks

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We’re a little more than halfway into October, and I’ve been full on craving horror movies. Ash VS Evil Dead is back on, as well as American Horror Story, although I haven’t tuned into this season yet. I’m working on it though.

To prevent nightmares from happening, I tend to watch a lot more comedy-horror movies because they allow me to get through the day and sleep at night without missing out on horror aspects.

I put together a small list of some zombie movies that are enjoyable and memorable. Especially ones that I approve because I am able to sleep after watching these without any nightmares happening.

01. Shaun Of The Dead [2004]
Let’s start this list off with a super classic. A super British modern zombie flick. Simon Pegg is the most precious person ever to exist, and even though he plays a slacker in this movie, you can’t help but love him and root for him throughout the whole adventure. This movie is probably my favorite zombie movie, and I quote it quite often. It’s packed with memorable lines, and it always sounds better when you try to imitate with a British accent, which I can’t ever successfully pull off.



Stranger Things Lit-up Alphabet

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It’s October. Mid-way into the spooky autumn month. The leaves are falling and people are getting ready for Halloween.
Being a summer time hit, Stranger Things is still just as relevant as it’s still spooky, and you know it’s gonna be such an influencer for Halloween costumes.

As I’m still fixing up the apartment, I’m working on upcycling a whole lot of furniture I own and crafting a whole lot of cute decoration to make this space more fun. There’s so much I want to do but I’m taking baby steps to make sure they look finished and professional.

On top of the couch is quite the open empty wall space. I knew a tapestry would look great in that space, but it was a tough to make a decision to pick the right design on, say, Society6 or Redbubble or any retail store. There were SO many to choose from.


Action Reaction

My Words About Bullying

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(15-year old me in the midst of my crappy days in high school just trying to get by with new glasses and plum hair.)

I’m gonna be honest, I had this post written for a good year now ready to go for when October hit. Being that October is National Bullying Prevention Month, I wanted to share my experiences with being bullied. I’ve been kinda avoiding posting about it because it brings back unpleasantness, but I do want to share my experience. Although, rereading my original “essay” I wrote up and eventually deleted, I was obviously in a super frustrated mood when writing it because it definitely came off super bitter and quite angsty. Something I can’t seem to escape even though I’m in my mid-20s and not 16 anymore.

Last year was a rough one for me because I couldn’t get past the feeling of failure with my struggles I had to deal with, and honestly still continue to deal with. All the free time I had while unemployed had me thinking a lot about troubles and tribulations I experienced growing up.
I’ve since been able to fight those feelings of frustration, and I have more of an “acceptance” attitude these days. Kinda sounds like the five stages of grief, and may very well be in some weird way. So with this “acceptance”, I have a calmer mindset that will hopefully help me write this without that angsty tone and with more of an adult tone.


Surface + Style

Style Transformation

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So as a “Flashback Friday”, here’s a post I’ve been compiling pictures for…for at least a few months now. This is the most you’ll ever see my face in a post, that’s for sure.

I’ve been thinking lately as to how much my style has changed and how it matched my personality and the feelings I felt at the time. To me, I can see the change over the years but I also feel as if I’ve been pretty consistent. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for a long time since I’ve managed to fit into everything as I basically stopped growing at age 12, aaaand I’m also a hoarder. I never really followed trends, but I was inspired by them over the years encouraging me to make it my own, as I live the DIY lifestyle.

The one thing that changed dramatically was my hair. I can look at pictures and know what year it was. Is that excessive?
Can I show you?

+ 2007 – It was my junior and senior year of high school. Prime Myspace time. Where the selfie originated and taking photos for your profile was “important”. I went out with friends a lot and took LOADS of pictures; I was the photographer in my group. At this time I was really inspired by Ghost World and rocked the t-shirts, skirts and boot combo. I went through a phase where I wore cat ears everywhere I went, and I was all about the natural-ish red hair. This was also the last year I heavily wore eye makeup.


Entertain Me Monday

Stranger Kids

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Stranger Things

Have you jumped aboard the Stranger Things train? If not, get with the times! Join the rest of the world! Be a part of the conversation!
Honestly, if you haven’t seen it, no hate. I was reluctant to watch it myself being that the rest of the world was obsessed with it. I didn’t know if I cared to be in that conversation. To me it was another “American Idol” or “Breaking Bad”. Two completely different shows, I just realized, but they’re examples of shows that the world shut off all their electronics to watch. Or maybe not, as live-Tweeting is a thing.
But I gave in, and I fully understand why people are obsessed.


Entertain Me Monday

Basic Bitch Karaoke Songs

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How can I make this post not sound offensive?
Well, let’s see. You know when you go to a bar, or karaoke, or someplace where alcohol may or may not be involved and there’s that group of obnoxious drunk girls singing along with the top 40 hits of today and whatever top 40 hits that may have existed in the 90s or 80s or 70s, and they all take group pictures lined up next to each other with their bodies twisted and hands on their hips and there’s nothing to differentiate them because they all have long hair, faux tan skin, duck faces and tight skirts? (Hello, run-on sentence.) I can totally get more descriptive if you don’t know what I’m talking about, but I wouldn’t believe you if you told me you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I’ve witnessed that more times than I’d like to remember – in person and browsing through social media. Obnoxious drunk girls singing along to all the typical white girl songs gets kinda old, BUT it’s entertaining composing a list like this to poke fun. Is that mean? Well, whatever.