Quick Hanging Umbrella Spruce Up

August 24, 2016     Like This Post!

For Christmas, just this December that passed, I got these hanging umbrella doodads that have double sided stickers to stick them to the wall. I never got around to hanging them up until recently.

They were solid and kinda just too plain for my liking, so I just grabbed some quick paint and drew squiggles.
Since I’m obsessed with this iridescent powder, I mixed it with some Mod Podge to add an irridesent layer on top. Unfortunately they don’t appear in the photos but I swear that it’s there.

It was a quick and easy 1-2-3, but it adds a little bit more pizzazz than before. I’m excited I finally got to hanging them because they look cute and they’re functional. That’s the best kind of anything. Cute and function. Am I right? Just say yes!

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Recent Buys

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I’ve been on a little bit of a spending spree lately. After moving into the new place, I took a break from DIY projects and went a little heavy with the credit card. I’ve since taken a step back with the card usage and have been trying to get back into DIY mode. It’s been a challenge, but who likes racking up credit card debt? Okay, it wasn’t that extreme in my case as I tend to live a frugal life, but no one likes to receive their credit card bill, am I right?

ANYWAY… here are some things I’ve been loving that I bought.

01. For a while, I’ve went on a search for the most perfect backpack. Not too big, not too small, black, leather or pleather. Honestly, I searched for months. Found this on Asos. It’s the perfect size and shape, and I’m obsessed.

02. TokyoMilk has managed to make the most perfect perfume. No. 83 first sprays as chocolate cake and changes to subtle cocoa heaven.

03. This necklace was a fun find, found deep within the Easy Village, New York City inside this tiny shop which is filled from top to bottom with Mexican folk art goods. If you’re ever in New York, you have to make it a point to stop at La Sirena.

04. Found this adorable coin purse inside a local Queens shop called Lockwood. It doesn’t seem to be available for purchase on their site, but you can find it on da web if you need a little coin purse to save some money for ice cream of course!

05. I haven’t had a planner in years, but when I saw this one, I figured it was time to get organized. You’ve probably seen this planner around the web. It’s a cute product but I also bought this at Lockwood.

Aside from those, I’ve been hitting up some local thrift shops and craft stores. I’ve found some fun shirts and fabric in which I can’t wait to play around with. If that’s the case, I can lay off the credit card. 💳
Small credit card usage – isn’t that a goal for the majority of us all?

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Pillow Talk

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With everything that’s been happening lately, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with art projects. I figured it’s what my aunt would have wanted and enjoyed seeing. She was always interested in seeing what I was capable of creating.

So with this recent project, let me start by saying this was supposed to go in a different direction.
My couch needs some fun stuff happening to it (a bigger project possibly involving patchwork is in the works). In the meantime I wanted simple and fun. I came across eye pillows that caught my eye 😉.

Sources: 01 // 02 // 03

I wanted something closer to the yellow one but didn’t quite have large amounts of yellow fabric for this project. I found an orangey pink that I thought would be fine. Plus it had some fuzz to it so I thought a pillow with a nice feel would be comfortable.

I proceeded to cut large circles, and found colors for the iris. As I was working on these, my roommate walked in crushing my dreams by telling me “they look like boobs”…

Welp. I immediately felt defeat. Considering that the larger fabric was technically nude rather than “orangey pink” didn’t work in my favor, no matter how many excuses I tried to come up with to justify these being eyeballs.

With these developments, I decided to roll with it. I kept everything as is but took it once step further by making tassels out of leftover funky yarn…because I’m ridiculous like that.

I wanted a more 3D effect and fun piping, so I went to town. The pillows that we had on the couch were old and just needed to retire already. I took those apart, grabbed all the stuffing, and transferred the stuffing to the new pillows. I made the new pillows much bigger; luckily I had more stuffing at my disposal.

I’ll admit I’m kinda bummed they didn’t come out the way I had planned, but I can say it was a happy accident. Besides, it’s kinda fun when projects take a spontaneous twist, a good spontaneous twist, that is. No one likes when projects become a legit fail.
Can we also note how my couch in the gif looks like Chairy from Pee Wee’s Playhouse? This couch seriously needs a makeover…

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Loss Of Words

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It’s always hard to lose someone, especially if it’s family.
Over a week ago I found the news that my aunt had passed. Since then, I’ve been getting over the shock, and it has left me speechless.

A year and a half ago I went through the emotional roller coaster of dealing with defeat while trying to find what to do with myself. When I moved back from my short time in Portland, I felt so lost. I guess my dad was keeping his sister up to date with my doings and she offered to let me stay with her in Greece as long as I wanted to.

I was back and forth with taking her up on that because I wanted to give my home state of NY a chance to hire me full time. It got to the point months later where no jobs were coming my way and I took up my aunt’s offer to stay with her. I was in Greece short of 90 days, which I documented here. It wasn’t too much of a crazy eventful trip, but it was an important trip. It brought me so much closer with my aunt whom I rarely got to see. It was a trip I’ll never forget and I’m grateful to have had her in my life.

I was privileged to spend that time with her. I learned a lot from her, being life lessons or the history of my family. We, of course, worked on artsy projects together, and took long walks and local trips around. Every trip I took to Greece, we bonded, and I always left with amazing memories. She was thoughtful and caring, and went above and beyond to make sure that I was having a great time visiting her and the rest of my family abroad. Most of all, she was just full of life and knew it was too short to waste it, as she was quite on the spontaneous side.
The only thing I can do right now is hold on to the good memories and pray that she’s in a good place. She really changed my life. At this point, there’s not much else I can say. There is nothing else to say.

She and her girlfriend joked how I was their cactus because all you had to do was sit me somewhere, give me water every so often, and I’m good to go. I tend to not move from my seat too often when I’m productive crafting, blogging, or relaxing, and so therefore I became their cactus. In memory of her, I went plant shopping with my mom and got myself a little cactus. I’m not much of a plant person but it’s never too late to become one. So this cactus is dedicated to my aunt.

Anywho, it’s been rough. It’s things like this that get you thinking about those who are important to you, and to keep touch even if there’s a distance. With technology these days, there’s no such thing as distance.

Rip Ευγενια Καραμπατσακις
You were a true rebel.

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Action Reaction

Movin’ On Up

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If you want to know the truth, this is the first time I’ve turned on my laptop since mid-May. Part of me was nervous my laptop would be in such a deep sleep that it wouldn’t turn on, or I would forget how to use it. But fear not, those turned out not to be problems.

So, where have I gone? What have I been doing?
Long story short, in May I went on a hardcore apartment search. I officially found a great 2 bedroom apartment with my friend in Astoria, Queens. Memorial day weekend we moved in, and I have been adjusting since. I didn’t realize I would be MIA for over two months, but I learned that it is quite a process to furnish a whole apartment and to set things up such as internet, gas/electric, etc. My daily life after work consisted of unpacking, food shopping, and cleaning for a while.

I can’t emphasize how much it sucks going on an apartment search. In the beginning, it’s an exciting adventure. But after seeing apartment after apartment – some out of your price range, some in your price range but with a long commute to work, some with a real awkward layout making you wonder where you’d even fit the couch, some with no living room at all, you tend to feel defeated and exhausted after a while.

In the middle of the search, I got the stomach virus, and I started to lose hope and energy to find a place as it took me about a week to recover. One week is quite a loss of time when you’re searching for a place within a month-span. I got frustrated that I wouldn’t be able to find a place that made me think “yes this is the one”. Obviously I’m not looking for a permanent home, but a space to rent for now. I’ve been told that you know when some place feels right and when you find the one that gives you the sigh of relief, you have to fight to get it. We eventually found that one (on Craigslist, no less! I was really looking everywhere), and we luckily didn’t have to put up much of a fight. We got ahold of it pretty quick and the process afterwards went smoothly. It’s a small apartment in a two family home, which at this time I prefer more than a building.
With this space, we’ve been trying to make it feel like ours. It’s small, and homey, and I’m excited for some of the projects I have in mind for decorating.

Just a week ago I started getting my crafty mojo back. Took about a month and a half but I’m starting to figure out a routine for after work hours and I’m finishing up some projects.
The most important thing for me is getting into a routine while getting my craft on while balancing that with social interaction and events. I’m getting there, and I’m excited to start a new chapter in life, being surrounded by friends and the conveniences of living near NYC. It’s been pretty great so far. 👍

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Convenience Of Instant

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You know, I didn’t realize how much into photography I’ve been getting into lately. Being one who grew up learning the ins and outs of arts and crafts, and graduating with a degree in illustration, photography never was something I was into. That said, I’ve been really getting into taking photos and having the option to print them. The physical copies allow me to get crafty with bookmaking and scrapbooking, which is something I’ve been wanting to dive into more than when I started teaching myself book binding.

I stumbled upon this Polaroid Mobile Printer while browsing the ‘net. The idea of “instant printing” really won me over, so I spontaneously bought it. It’s different from the old school Polaroid camera because it allows me to stay modern while being able to print photos from my phone. I love it.

I was so excited to test this out after it arrived in the mail. The setup on my phone was easy, installing the paper was easy, and printing the images was easy.
I printed a few images that made me think up a theme to these printed photos. I grabbed an empty book that I made a few years ago and taped in the images.

This book only has four images so far, but I feel like printing is endless (until you run out of paper, that is). I’m working on choosing which photos to gather for other books that I plan on making. I haven’t felt this excited about a purchase like this in a while, and I’m loving that it’s making me feel creative again. I’m just super excited.

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