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Hey there! So you’re curious to learn more about Oddball Era?

It’s a personal blog run by me, Maria, with occasional guest posts from friends. Who doesn’t love collaborating with friends? It takes this blog up one notch by featuring a variety of voices sharing their own stories and opinions.

So what do I post? Well, I’m lucky to be surrounded by like minded people. We all love pop culture (I personally throw out too many references daily) and we like to have control over our daily doings by involving DIY as much as possible. We like to make more than buy, which helps us create our own unique surroundings, all of which I love to share here.

So basically, with help from my friends, I post about…
+ What we make, what inspires us, and our difference between inspiration and imitation.
+ How life and pop culture collide.
+ Music that is the soundtrack of our lives.
+ Appreciation for visuals such as art and film.
+ Places we’ve visited.
+ Discussions of our interests and disinterests.
+ Reactions to current happenings.
+ Our views and our perspectives in essays, lists, and blurbs.
+ Our feelings on the matter of life, featuring personal or objective views.
+ All in our true voices, be it in a fun lighthearted tone, deep sincere thoughts and perspective, or matter of factual tones. Whatever the case is, it’s all us.

We’re here to connect with other people with similar interests (you?), so feel free to browse, comment, and connect!

If you don’t know where to start, check out some of my personal favorite posts. Hopefully these will help guide you to find something you enjoy.
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Questions, comments, concerns, feedback? Send them over here!

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