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Tarot To-Go // April 3 – April 9

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With this past weekend being both Easter and the start of Passover, it’s a good time to think about new beginnings here on Tarot To-Go. You know. Because bunnies and eggs symbolize rebirth and both Christianity and Judaism schedule these holidays around the first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox, aka that first day of Spring, herald of new growth and a great time to get started on that garden in many places! Not Florida, though. I’m heading into my Bizzarro Winter, known to the rest of North America as Summer, where the asphalt seas boil hot enough to cook eggs and year round residents hole up inside their air conditioned safety zones doing hurricane preventing rain dances until October returns and it’s once again safe to be outdoors. Also, mosquitoes.

So in the spirit of all this newness, Tarot To-Go is moving to Tuesdays. Mostly because we’re clinically obsessed really digging the power of alliteration but also because SPRING you guuuys, seriously!

Let’s hop in.
(pun absolutely intended)

The Universe has demands for the beginning of the week: STAND YOUR GROUND. Today, I’m standing my ground by finally getting back into the swing of things here on Oddball Era and also by finishing my last minute taxes. Where is it you need to stand your own ground? Is it with another — perhaps an employer or loved one who isn’t treating you how you need to be? Or, maybe it’s with yourself by breaking old habits and addictions that keep you limited? Passover celebrates freedom from bondage — where do you keep yourself in chains and how can you make a stand and free yourself?

By midweek we’ll be swept away making MEMORIES OF LOVE. As with standing our ground, this could pertain to an internal or external situation. Spend time with the people who make you feel good or spend time making yourself feel good — only you know which kind of loving memories you need to be making for the betterment of yourself.

The weekend has the potential to breed . This is certainly not the first time this card has showed up here on Tarot To-Go and I guarantee it won’t be the last as it is incredibly human to lose focus and become bored — and we keep needing that reminder to turn around and see what else is here. When we get tunnel vision and forget to see life from a different angle, it’s easy to get agitated or listless. But if you’re bored then you’re boring — it’s up to you to find the joy.

Additionally, I yanked an advice card that reminds us all how AWARENESS is key. Enough consideration solves absolutely any problem and can even prevent others from occurring. Mindfulness ain’t easy but it’s the power we all have to make the world a better place, one person at a time.

This week is an ideal time to harness the waning energy and work to clear out what we don’t need as we prepare for the next New Moon on the 16th. In other words — it’s time for some Spring Cleaning. Make room for all the new that you’re due by decluttering your home, donating what you no longer need, and replacing what’s broken. Have you been needing to sever ties with a toxic relationship or environment? The cosmos is aligned to help you make that transition smoothly right about now so take that leap and you’ll be rewarded with new opportunities during the next moon.

That about wraps up this week — catch you next time on Tarot To-Go.

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