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Tarot To-Go // The New Year

Guest post written by Victoria

January 2, 2018     Like This Post!

Welcome to 2018! We have a fresh year ahead of us — let’s take a look at what’s in the cards.

This spread comes from The Hood Witch, who pointed out that some other readers pull a sixth card to help round out a theme for the reading while she finds it unnecessary (and so do I). I did this for The Collective, meaning all of us, and you’ll have to take these messages and integrate them into your own life.

Along with this Full Supermoon in Cancer, we are being called to cleanse our lives — once again — of all we don’t need. Declutter your life! Donate what you don’t use or recycle and repurpose. Cut toxic friendships, kick harmful habits. Use this time to literally cleanse your tools and crystals or to take time luxuriating in a bath as you wash away the old year and welcome in the new!

The first card is about our physical bodies and health. We pulled HARMONY — it’s a great time of year to get ourselves ready to go another 365.25 days around the sun. Time for a yearly checkup with your favorite healthcare provider to harmonize with your body.

The main spiritual lesson is TRANSFORMATION as we use all we’ve experienced in the last few years to alchemy our lives into something new. We are all little caterpillars that have spent painful hours turning into mush in our cocoons — 2018 wants us to emerge as butterflies. What will your transformation look like?

Second, we take a look at our calling or careers, which is promising FINANCIAL & MATERIAL CHANGES in 2018. For some of us, this could be bad news and signal the loss of a job, but for many of us this is good news — have you been wanting to take a leap? This is the year for It!

The theme for communication this year is BOREDOM & DISCONTENT. Notice how the boy is unfulfilled with his current location yet behind him sprawls a beautiful view? This card asks us to make sure we see things for what they really are in our communication with each other in the year ahead and express ourselves clearly. When we speak or listen to others, take care to look at the words from all angles to uncover the real truth.

In 2018 we are being challenged to find more confidence as the SOLAR PLEXUS card popped up as the theme for all the relationships in our lives. Be powerful in who you are in all of your human interactions and you will be rewarded with deep connection and understanding. The answer to all our relationship drama is usually to be truest to you!

For the first week of January I am offering free readings to all who want. Simply find me on social media (@nevervikki) and send me a selfie — make sure you’re looking in the camera and not at your reflection! I’ll have a reading sent back to you in 48 hours.

Happy New Year, Oddballs! Wishing everyone a year filled with a little bit of the things they want, all the things they deserve, and every lesson needed when the world goes awry. See you next time on Tarot To-Go!

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