Pom Pom Pillow

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A few months ago, I decided to embark on a frustrating journey to make a pillow with one side covered in pom poms. I had the fabric, I had the yarn, but I didn’t have the pom poms pre-made, so I had to spend the time to make them.

I wanted to make a generously large pillow, so I knew that it would need a big chunk of fabric and ton of pom poms.

A sort of 3D pillow was the idea, with four strips connecting the large top and bottom. Grey has been becoming a favorite color of mine so I wanted the fabric pieces to be grey with the pom poms being the colorful part of the pillow.

Those damn fluff balls were the most frustrating part of this journey. I made and made and made and made and it still never felt like enough. Every time I had repeat guests over with the intention of having a movie night, they’d see me pull out the yarn and scissors and ask me how I was not done yet. It was a process! And I didn’t realize how much of a process it’d be.

I was hoping to do some kind of color theme but when I ran out of the themed colors, I just used up whatever else I had which I don’t regret. I think it looks more fun the colorful way it is.

There was a point where I decided enough was enough and threw in the towel. I really wanted to have the entire top filled, but I have callouses on my thumb and index finger that may never go away. It honestly did look pretty covered but as soon as I stuffed the pillow, I thought to myself that it could have used a little more. Oh well.

So I sewed all four sides closed leaving a little gap to turn the unstuffed pillow inside out. I luckily had a ton of stuffing so it’s very well stuffed. After seeing the gap closed, I felt that I would have looked nice if I took one extra step to sew a sort of edge. It really didn’t take long and it looks more legit.

The intention was to make an extra pillow for my bed to add more cushion so hopefully the pom poms will make chilling on my bed more comfortable.

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