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Before Christmas, I submitted a piece to Feels Zine, whom were taking submissions for their anger theme. The first thing that came to mind when I thought of anger was Mrs. White in Clue talking about flames…on the side of her face.

I felt that was a good representation of women today. Flames on the side of our faces. And so I made an illustration of an angry woman with a repeat pattern behind her with icons of major changes and controversial topics from the past two years. Basically – women’s rights, birth control, climate change, feminism, and the right to speak out.

My artwork was accepted, but I was requested to make minor changes. The ladies behind Feels Zine wanted me to separate the image of the angry woman and the repeat pattern. They used the pattern as the end pages for the zine and the full illustration of the woman accompanied next to a written piece.

The cool thing about this zine is that it’s also printed via risograph. I’ve become obsessed with riso printing, and it was cool designing in layers for this printing method. For me, working with limited colors and layers helps me make executive decisions better, and simplifying certain aspects. This is why I’ve become obsessed with riso printing. Sometimes, less is more.

The zine is for sale over at Feels Zine’s Etsy. Follow them on Instagram @feelszine while you’re at it too!

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