Be Your Own Goddess

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I know I haven’t had much of an internet presence lately. I’ve been laying low taking on personal projects or attempting some new illustrations to submit to indie magazines.

One magazine I recently submitted to ended up passing on my art because they received way too many submissions and I didn’t make the final cut. I want to be slightly bitter, but they made such an effort to write me the nicest email apologizing and how to not give up. It’s always disappointing to get rejected after working hard on a project for a specific client, but it was an open submission call, so I can’t be upset. These things happen a lot I’m sure. I’m lucky to have gotten back an email at all. A large portion of the time, if clients consider not using our art, you won’t hear back. It’s happened before. I’ve been ghosted and it’s an awful feeling.

But anyway, not to dwell on the past, I didn’t want this art to be brushed over and forgotten by me, so I’m sharing.

My idea was to create a fun gal and share the idea of BYOG – BE YOUR OWN GODDESS.

It’s an idea that I try to remember as I get dressed in the morning, do what I need to do, act the way I do (in the most positive way I can), and get through the day basically. I’m a very self conscious person, and for one who doesn’t know how to follow trends, and have that pointed out by friends (not that following trends should be the way to live life),

I couldn’t help but feel like I was doing something wrong by not following other people. I don’t view me as a trendsetter, or “daringly different”. I just do me, finding things that appeal to me, create art that makes me feel something, watch what I want to watch, etc. I’ve been working in the fashion industry for a short time now, and being in a specific business where we need to follow the trends, I try to not let that consume my life. Every so often I have to take a step back and remember my true loves involve thrift stores and customizing. Fast fashion is not me, and as nice as it is to wear whatever velvet is out there, or athleisure all the time, I need to remember what I really like and how to make and customize what I want to last.

It’s so easy wanting to be a part of the hip crowd, but you need to remember what makes you YOU and roll with it. At the end of the day, do you!

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