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World Goth Day

May 22, 2017     Like This Post!

Happy World Goth Day! I didn’t even know this was a day that was “celebrated” but it makes me so happy that it is.

I don’t really have much photos from back in middle school/high school featuring my extreme black phases. Without me asking, people liked bringing it to my attention that I was more punk than goth, but my music taste was pretty broad where I dabbled in the goth genre.

In terms of music, goth spawned from the post-punk scene which is why some bands from the 70’s – 80’s have a slight punk sound. These days, the genre has evolved with electronics replacing brooding guitars, industrial sounds resembling machines, classical strings with opera-like voices, or basic rock mimicking it’s roots with and updated gloomy feeling.

When I went through music experimenting days, I found a lot of these bands from my favorite magazine Gothic Beauty. From there, I lived off of the little sound clips on Amazon. This was pre-Youtube where you had to do what you had to do to discover new music. Music reviews and judging cd albums by their cover was how I did it. These are the bands I obsessed over in the early 2000’s.

Android Lust – Stained

Collide – Wings Of Steel

The Crüxshadows – Winterborn

The Cure – A Forest

Echo & The Bunnymen – Villiers Terrace

Faith And The Muse – When We Go Dark

Mephisto Walz – Witches Gold

Pink Turns Blue – Your Master Is Calling

Siouxsie & The Banshees – Cities In Dust

Switchblade Symphony – Witches

And to share one throwback picture, here are my parents from the early 2000’s after my mom got eye surgery. That’s why she’s wearing the black chunky glasses. Not sure where they were going though in their black getup. They usually don’t wear that much black but I thought it was an appropriate goodie to share today.

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