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November 16, 2017     Like This Post!

Two weeks ago I went to Canada for a weekend. I had tickets to attend a documentary screening for Kittie’s documentary, and their “after party” concert.

I met new people I’ve known for years but never met in person, hung out with the band, and went for adventures around London, Ontario. It was a really random experience that kinda stressed me out weeks prior, but I’m relieved it happened, and I regret nothing.

There were frustrating moments, but it was one of those trips you need to think about the positives because it was an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often. Especially with a band I grew up listening to and seeing for so many years. I obviously needed to go. It was mostly a trip for nostalgia, but exciting to get out of the country without leaving the continent.

Since it was such a short trip, I didn’t snap many pictures. I tried to experience the trip more through my eyes rather than my camera. But I did come across an alleyway that had pretty fantastic murals though.

We learned about loonies, toonies, how cold Canada can get, but also how nice Canadians are. This diner waitress reassured us that Canadians are with us during this rough time we’re experiencing with our current crappy administration. It was nice to hear that since everyone kinda views us as one big joke of a country. It’s great to know our northern neighbors got our back.

And hey, the parks are nice too.

My trip ended back in the states with a quick stop in Ann Arbor for lunch. I’ve wanted to visit this small city for a few years, and I’m kinda bummed at how quick the visit was. But from what I saw, I know that I want to visit again.

Overall, it was a nice break from NY. I was able to live in the moment and get my mind off of work and the everyday grind we’re stuck in around these parts. O Canada!

Title reference.

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