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A Truly Stormy Entertainment List

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This recent Netflix series was way cool. I binged watched it with my roommate in one day. This series was actually based on an actual show in the 80s. It sounded too ridiculous to be a real show but now I’m curious to find it and watch it.

Psych: The Movie
No words. I had no words when the creators shared how they’re making a movie. The show has been off the air for about three years after 8 seasons. I was devastated but understood how all shows have to come to an end. This trailer gave me life. And I’m psyched (hah!) for December to roll around!

This is an example of how the power of the fans can help a series. Just like the fans expressed their concern about Barbs in Stranger Things, fans helped this series finish up after it got canceled. A movie deal is in the works, and this show deserves it. It wrapped up with a cliffhanger, so it’s only fair it has its justice.


Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier
I’m gonna be honest for a second. I haven’t gotten around to finish reading the first book yet. This one is up for pre-sale which kinda makes me sad to think that this will probably be the final book, after which the series will finish up and possibly never be revisited. Sad sad sad ugh.

The Tao of Bill Murray
I also bought this book not too long ago. I haven’t started reading this yet, but I am so psyched to. Bill Murray’s life is real entertaining and these stories of the wild life he lives will definitely be a fun read. I love reading about how he crashes parties and really lives an adventurous life. It feels okay to live vicariously through him like this.

Got A Girl Crush
Indie magazines are my favorite. I love that there even is an indie scene for magazines in the first place! I can’t tell you how many I own, which includes this magazines. The creators of this mag put up a Kickstarter this month which was a success because they were able to reach their goal. I bought their issue 6 and went to their launch party last week too. I was excited to see them reach their goal because it would have been a shame to see this magazine wither away. Support indie magazines!


Company Of Thieves
COT have been inactive for about 6 years. They just came out with a new single which was exciting to see. I guess recent politics have sparked them to make new music together as a group.

I’m just obsessed with Garbage and Shirley Manson. She really is the epitome of cool. They just released their new music video. Ugh, Shirley!!! Let’s be friends!!!

Perfume Genius
I haven’t been so much in the loop about new music lately, but after checking this artist out, I just wanna be in the know. Light airy vocals with a strong backing sound always wins me over. There’s so much good stuff like this I’m missing, but better late than never?

Whoop whoop!

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