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A Truly Saucy Entertainment List

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Lately, tv has been consuming a lot of my time. I feel like everyone who knows me, knows that I’m cool with that. This time around for this list, I’ve got new music and tv series to add to this list. Very reflective of my life these days.


Being an original MTV series, I was a little skeptical that this would be a good show, but it covers the tough subject of rape on the college campus and vigilante justice – something that isn’t talked about on tv. Well, maybe the occasional Law & Order episode, but that’s pretty much it. I decided to give this show a watch and I ended up binge watching the entire series in one day. Oops! It was pretty great; I got really into the double lives the main characters were playing, but unfortunately, it didn’t make it past one season. The internet is frustrated about MTV’s decision so hopefully some other platform will give the series a chance. Anyone…? Netflix…?

The Good Place
This series with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson seemed a little “bleh” when I saw trailers for season one last year. It didn’t do anything for me. It was until one day I was visiting my parents, I was in the house alone and there was nothing on tv. I checked out the On Demand and saw the entire season of The Good Place was on, so I gave it a shot and I was hooked. I made my friends watch it, and now we’re keeping up with season two. It is a little bit torturous watching this series due to questionable situation the main characters find themselves in. I’m afraid of saying too much because it’s easy to spit out spoilers, but it’s true entertainment. So whatevz.

The Mick
When the trailers for this series came about, I made a mental note to give it a chance since I love Kaitlin Olson & it’s the It’s Always Sunny crew. I unfortunately forgot about the show, but was reminded when my roommate told me he started watching it and we had to binge it together. Kaitlin Olson plays the aunt of the children she’s watching over, and it’s absurd and over the top in a really funny way. Sorta reminds me of Big Time in Hollywood, FL (which sadly got canceled after the first season). Season two is around the corner and I’m psyched.


Survival Guide
I used to listen to Tsunami Bomb back in the day. They were such a great pop punk band with a badass singer named Agent M. Her style and hair was just cool and it was the kind of inspiration I needed to get me through high school. The band broke up and their singer Agent M, aka Emily, continued on in music, recently forming Survival Guide. Only super recently did I actually give them a listen and her voice brings me back, but is more modern accompanied by electro rock sound that still wins me over. If you like electro rock with pop punk undertones, check them out.

Nai Palm
Singer of Hiatus Kaiyote, whom I’ve mentioned once before, is not only cool for her style. Her voice is amazing and her solo album, from what we can hear so far, is full of soundscapes that make you dream. It’s just an extension of what she’s capable of, and it’s amazing.

The legend: Bjork. She’s back with new music and new visuals to accompany her sounds. I don’t know what else to say besides the fact that she knows how to stun me with her experimental sound and ethereal voice.

The Birthday Massacre
I’ve been hooked on this band since ’05, and I love that their music consistent but different at the same time. I haven’t done too well at keeping up with their last few albums, but I need to jump on board once again because I forgot how much I love their dark synth sound. New songs, new album, new music video. So much to catch up on!

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