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This To That // Faux Leather Knee Patch Pants

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Faux Leather Knee Patch Jeans
I’ve been trying to stay on a roll with crafting and doing. I’ve also been trying to finish projects and ideas I came up with a while ago, because one of the worst things is letting unfinished projects pile up.

Over a year ago I came across some jeans with patches on the knees. I saw a variety with denim patches and faux leather patches on different colored pants. I really liked this, and figured it was a project I could take on myself. Plus it’s an easy DIY to jazz up some boring pants.

Faux Leather Knee Patch Jeans

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I thought about what pants I had in my closet. I was originally going to put some black denim patches on charcoal pants I had, but changed my mind and settled on these olive pants. I thought faux leather would have looked real nice with olive, so I took apart these faux leather leggings I never wore, and shaped them over the knees.

Faux Leather Knee Patch Jeans

Faux Leather Knee Patch Jeans

I am not a professional enough to figure out how to sew these with my machine, so I was okay to hand sew these patches. It was a bit of a challenge since the knee area of the pants seemed a little stretched out; it took me some time to place them nicely to sew them on. I eventually got the hang of it. I also took it upon myself to sew them quilted because I wanted to make sure they were secure and not loose off the knees since it was a big patch.

Faux Leather Knee Patch Jeans

I knew sewing them like this would take some time. To be honest, between other things I had to take care of in my day, it basically took one leg a day to finish them up. The end result was worth it though.

Faux Leather Knee Patch Jeans

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