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Tarot To-Go // Intro To August

Guest post written by Victoria

July 30, 2017     Like This Post!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks for me and the energy in the skies and on my tarot decks have been matching, to boot. We are kicking it back into gear here at Tarot To-Go for the month of August as we revel in that firey energy that we were filled with during that New Moon in Leo a few days ago. Today, to ease us back into the flow of things, I have picked one card from my Mermaid deck to focus on.

And here she is.

Falling in love doesn’t have to mean with another person. It can mean with a place. It can mean with a career choice. It can mean with who you are and yourself as an individual. It could be falling in love with the choices you’ve made, the path you’ve chosen, the person you were and the person you will be when you are finished growing.

Recently, I found myself reunited with an old Friend With Benefits. We had a pretty sordid history and for a long time he served as the physical manifestation of all the things I thought I was but wasn’t — alone, broken, scared. Finding myself tangled up with him one night, just sleeping, looking almost exactly like the mermaid and her lover pictured here, I found myself catching some feels I wasn’t prepared for. I’m very much looking for a committed romantic relationship and he’s clearly not — wasn’t this just a backslide, a relapse into the girl I was?

The next morning in the bathroom I caught myself looking real long and hard in the mirror. The FWB still asleep in the next room often felt like a mirror to me, but staring at my own, I asked her, “what are we doing here?”

“Having fun. Getting some character inspiration for that book you’re writing. Living!”

And that thought made me laugh. How could it not? “I love the f**k out of you, bitch!” I said to the badass looking back at me.

The moon is in Scorpio, challenging us to dig deep. Deeper than we usually would. Deeper than we like to. Deeper than is comfortable. It’s the right time to ask those questions you’ve been avoiding asking yourself and make the decisions you’ve been prolonging. What do you want from your life? Now go get it.

Maybe you’ll Fall In Love with what you decide on.

See you next week!

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