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Tarot To-Go // Full Moon in Taurus

Guest post written by Victoria

November 5, 2017     Like This Post!

It’s a Full Moon in Taurus and it was recently Halloween and All Saints Day so there’s a LOT of energy in the air focused around relationships with others and ourselves as well as art, beauty, love, and the material world. Remember — the Bull has horns. Feel it?! Traditionally, now is the time where humans buckle down for Winter and this spread is a good one to get ourselves ready for the months ahead.

On November 1st, I was giving away readings and found some beautiful messages for others and myself. Today, I’m sharing with you my own personal spread.

The CURRENT SITUATION is NEW BEGINNINGS. I recently started the National Novel Writing Month Challenge to write 50,000 words in a month. WHAT’S AT THE ROOT OF THE CURRENT SITUATION is my HEART CHAKRA because this project is close to it and is what I love the most. THE CHALLENGE is to REJOICE IN CELEBRATION because this project is supposed to be fun, as it’s so closely tied to my heart and soul’s purpose. I pulled one ADVICE card, which is the reminder to reach out and rely on my PARTNERSHIPS AND ALLIANCES when I need to.

For the NEXT THREE MONTHS I will be facing my SHADOW and remembering not to demonize the darkness in me, in others, or in the villains on the page I’m working to write. If I don’t, then I won’t create a round character or live the more colorful life.

The NEXT SIX MONTHS gives me PASSION IGNITED — seems like this writing challenge is the jumpstart I need to get my creative career booming.

A YEAR FROM NOW I will be facing some OBSTACLES AND CHALLENGES — perhaps in publishing? Only time will tell.

I’m giving away FREE READINGS during the month of November. To get yours, find me on social media (@nevervikki) or head on over to my brand new website, nevervikki.com and contact me there. All you’ll have to do is get yourself centered with several deep breaths, and think about your current spot in life or mentally ask a question — then snap a selfie and send it to me but make sure you’re looking at the camera and not yourself!

As always, remember to check back here for the next installment of Tarot To-Go on Oddball Era.

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