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Tarot To-Go // August 7 – August 13

Guest post written by Victoria

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Tomorrow, August 7th, we have a Full Moon — and in some parts of the world, a lunar eclipse — in the fixed air sign of Aquarius at 11:11AM PST. There have been a lot of powerful energies buzzing around lately and a lot of us probably felt really on edge because of it. Fear not — everything is coming together.

Let’s see what the cards say.

As I’ve mentioned before, tarot is an intuitive art and the techniques and methods will vary from reader to reader. Whenever two cards are pulled simultaneously, I read them as one card. This happened a couple of times for this week’s spread!

THE FIVE OF PENTACLES and THE HERMIT suggests that our introspective time of soul searching is coming to a fruitful conclusion. We are reaching a recovery point in our journey — it’s now or never. Take the leap into that next phase you’ve been working so hard for.

THE FOUR OF SWORDS confirms this — it’s a card of rest and rejuvenation. What you do matters more than ever under this Aquarian Lunar Eclipse — take your time to make sure your choices are truly yours.

THE FIVE OF WANDS in reverse is indicative of coming together to work on shared goals for a shared future.

The Aquarian energy is represented in THE STAR as the imagery is reminiscent of the signs symbol of The Water Bearer. It comes up above THE THREE OF PENTACLES and THE WORLD to remind us that even though it appears society at large is really bad at working in tandem, it is our differences that bring us together.

THE MAGICIAN confirms — be who you are. Loud and proud. Take your time with yourself and the new paths ahead and the only thing you will reap is magical success!

See you next week!

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