Tarot To-Go

Tarot To-Go // August 14 – August 20

Guest post written by Victoria

August 13, 2017     Like This Post!

For today’s reading, I decided to pull one card from the Rider-Waite deck to represent the energies for this upcoming week. Let’s see what he says!

THE KNIGHT OF SWORDS stands erect and ready to do battle. As you can imagine, upon first seeing him today I got a little nauseous! With all the sociopolitical tension between the U.S. and North Korea, the last thing I want to see is a card representing war, destruction, and opposition. But a closer look says more.

The card also represents skill, bravery, capacity for success, and strategy. The energy lately has been pushing us further along on our paths, giving some of us a lot of anxiety, and others the fire to get ahead. This card comes this week as the final push — you have the skills, and you have the capacity. Do you have the bravery to actually do it? Time to prove it.

And not a moment too soon — there’s a solar eclipse next Monday, August 21st, which will basically be like pouring gasoline on the fire that is Life; spend this next week channeling the energy from our Knight of Swords here and you’ll be sure to vanquish all that dares to get in your way!

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