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Every so often I get hit with the “freelance bug”. Like, I think “man I need some more income, let me take a stab at freelancing”. And every time I try to become more and more prepared. Seeing what other professionals do gives me motivation and inspiration to keep trying, especially when it comes to necessary “promotional tools” to better my “brand”. It’s hard out there to stand out but I believe it’s possible.

I try to make more “portfolio friendly” pieces and gather contact information to reach out to certain companies and individuals that I could potentially work with; you gotta be prepared to sell yourself when you’re out there asking for work. I just remade my business cards, and after attending some networking events, I decided to design some promo postcards. I saw this girl handing out postcards with her business card, which made me think, “hey, that’s not a bad idea”.

Postcards have more surface area to help you showcase your art that maybe wouldn’t be so appropriate to put on business cards. Everyone’s got their preferences and own design style when it comes to promo, but I personally think your art shouldn’t be on your business cards. I think it’s a bit tacky. Your cards should be a little more simple, but still eye catching and memorable. They should still have elements of you and your designs that make sense that it’s you.

I wanted my postcards to have a similar color theme to my business cards, so I thought to do a fun repeat pattern of some 80s theme, which to me were fun sunglasses – something like the 3D kind.

I posted my pattern on my portfolio website, but my postcard seemed empty without something extra, so I wrote out a quote from ZZ Top to make it super 80’s. On the back, I put my contact info and logo. I considered making them postcard-y with the lines to write addresses, a rectangle for the stamp, and the space to write a note, but I decided against that. I still have the option to hand write an address on the right side which I kept empty on purpose. I thought about sending them out to companies I’d like to work with but I’m a little too self conscious right this second to do so.

Anyway, after fiddling and perfecting the cards, I decided to commit to the design. I ordered them from Moo, because I really do feel that their printing is great. They printed quickly and were shipped to me super fast.

I have yet to hand them out, but I can’t wait to attend future networking events with my new business cards and promo cards.

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