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March 26, 2015     Like This Post!

(Screenprinting – one of the recent hobbies I took up. ⤴ )

Hobbies are subjective. We all have our own interests; different things make us happy, which makes us all unique. I’d like to think this is obvious stuff, but I needed an opening paragraph with a point.

But from recent observations, I feel like we as people don’t give enough attention to the things that make us happy. After a long hard day at work, who has the energy and will power to continue being somewhat active when you’re drained and all you wanna do is put on a documentary on that was recommended to you by Netflix and pass out on the couch?

This kinda taps into the ultimate question. What is more important, putting your energy into your job or putting energy into being happy? There’s the lucky few that find themselves at jobs that make them perfectly happy, or turn their hobbies into jobs that make them perfectly happy. But for the general consensus, jobs are just a money maker, and not everyone enjoys what they do. Another unfortunate obvious point.

But since we put so much energy into a requirement for living, do we neglect things that we enjoy that are supposed to help us wind down after a long day? I think we do.
People don’t realize that small acts can really boost happy levels and confidence. It’s not a scientific fact, but I know from personal experience that I’m feeling much motivated and happy the next day when I had time to tend my hobbies the night before, even if it was only for a short time.

My life became stressful and a sad mess because of the repetitive motions of waking up, going to work, going home, sleeping, and then waking up to do it all over again. It was my Groundhog’s Day, aka hell. I would get home so late that the only thing I would think to do was sit in front of the tv and doze off. When I realized that, I tried to change it. I started giving my hobbies attention again. Even if it was just for half an hour before I was off to bed, it was enough to calm me down to make it feel like my day did not only revolve around stress.
It’s hard to keep up motivation when you just want to go home and sleep, but I think it’s important to fight it and do things while you still have that little bit of energy, even if you’re winding down. That little bit of energy can make or break your day. And I think a lot of people suffer in that area of life.

Truth is, no one really taught us to be happy. We can read all about it in books, blogs, watch videos, but it’s sorta a foreign concept. We’ve been raised to become ready for adulthood and were taught to prepare for careers because “that’s what life is all about”. Your career. It’s apparently what defines you. No one thinks to keep up with the motion of happiness. And it’s totally affecting our mental and emotional states.

You should stop and think about what you used to do that you liked before your job consumed your every waking moment. Reading about sharks? Drawing anime? Learning the banjo? Playing D&D? Think about what makes you happy. See if you can re-incorporate that into your every day life. Even if it’s for just half an hour. Those isolated moments to clear your head and calm you down after a long day is so needed, especially for your mental state.
Chicken soup isn’t only what’s good for your soul FYI. Give your hobbies attention.

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