Red Rose Banner

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Red Rose Banner

I’ve had quite a bit of built up creative energy since I’ve been out of the country for a while. I’m the kind of person that constantly needs project to fall back on when I have downtime, so being away for three months without any projects to do was kinda painful. Luckily, as I mentioned before, my aunt owns a textile shop, and we were walking distance from some local shops selling sewing supplies (alliteration <3). When I started this project, I didn't have an idea of what I wanted the finish product to be. I just gathered all sorts of different red fabric from scraps my aunt gave me. I just thought to embroider roses and that's what I did. Eventually I came to the idea that I wanted to turn them into a banner. I love pennant banners and thought a different take on it would be a fun idea.

I finished sewing them while I was in Greece and I obviously packed them in my suitcase to bring home with me. I scrummaged through my fabric drawers to find a backing to sew on and found this striped gray and white fabric that I thought would fit well.

I pinned each rose onto the fabric, cut them, and prepared them to be sewn together with a thin red rope to create a loop to hang.

I finished up the sewing of the roses and had to figure out how I want to hang them. Looked around my house and found rope. But then I realized that hanging eleven roses would have made this banner super long, so I divided them in half-ish: five and six. Two banners, and they’re both good lengths; not super long and not super short.
I didn’t really intend to keep these for myself, so I reopened my shop today, revamped it, and added a banner section where these two banners are posted for sale.

I’ve enjoyed making these banners, so I’ve been working on more. I have a few in the works currently and am excited to share them and add them to my shop!

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