Rag Rug DIY

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I have a lot of fabric scraps and not enough projects to use them for. While Googling some random craft projects, this rag rug project popped out at me and I thought to make a small one for myself. ~ Anything to use these fabric scraps ~ I looked up ways to make this rug and I came to realize it wasn’t so hard. Like it was actually pretty super easy. Just time consuming, that’s all.

I bought a decently big size non-slip rug mat, the kind that you put under rugs to prevent slipping. Because of the small squares, it makes for a good base to tie fabric strips through each square, or every other square. Since it was big, I cut it to the size that I wanted. It came out to a random size – about 22 inches X 17 inches.

The color scheme I kinda wanted to go for was pink/gray/red/green/white. It ended up becoming very mixed when I picked the colors. I didn’t have a set pattern to go along with. I just mixed it up. I liked the randomness.

I kinda estimated when I cut up the strips. Tested different sizes to see what length would work well after knotting them. I’ve found tutorials where people knotted once, but complained about knots coming undone when vacuuming. I didn’t want to deal with that, so I double knotted. Since I double knotted, and I used a variety of fabric types, I thought it was a good idea to cut the strips a little smaller in width to not make them so thick and bulky.

I spent quite a few weeks working on getting this project done since I only have only so many hours after work. But I kept at it – row by row, column by column. Scraps and scraps of fabric.

Since this project lingered, I really needed a few days where I did nothing but work on this. Last weekend, I banged it out working on high speed to finally finish it. I binged watched Desperate Housewives, keeping myself entertained with drama while tending to my fabric strips.

This was quite an adventure, and for sure I’d handle it differently next time I make another rug. I have enough non-slip liner material to make more, and so I offered one for my friend. Can’t wait to give it a second go knowing what I know – what to do and what not to do.

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