February 28, 2015     Like This Post!

Where to start?
I’m Maria. I’ve had my blog marsenroute.blogspot.com for over three years now. I love my blog; it’s my three year old baby. But I felt things have gotten stale over the past five months. I’ve had major life changes that affected me, and the domino effect affected my internet presence. I’m not abandoning, but more along the lines of expanding.
I basically need a new project. And not any little crafty project. I need something more.
I feel my blog has reached a roadblock and I can’t seem to get past a certain point. Starting a new blog seems like a good way to go about breaking into areas that I never wanted to expand on in the past.

Three years of blogging has taught me so much, and I want to bring what I learned into a fresh new space. I want to explore new things, and get my friends involved as well.
I want to write more, take more professional photos, and get myself to draw more often than I already do. I have a vision on how I want to run this blog, and tackle areas of blogging that I lack in. I’m not a writer nor a photographer, but I want to dive into those areas because what better way to learn than to just do? I see this being as a place for me to let loose and have fun with writing and documenting more than what I’m currently documenting. I’m setting myself up for way too much but I really need a new outlet to explore. And hopefully this will be that outlet.

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