Wardrobe Transformation

This To That // Babes In Toyland

April 14, 2015     Like This Post!

My inner high school self is squealing with excitement knowing Babes In Toyland has reunited and they’re going full force into touring and recording. I listened to them non stop when I was younger, and I never thought I’d see the day they’d reunite.
With all this new, I’ve been in a big time Babes In Toyland mood lately, and as I was doing some cleaning, I came across this t-shirt that I painted back in high school.

Babes In Toyland Shirt

It doesn’t quite fit the way I’d like. So I decided to combine it with this long sleeve button down, which is huge on me.
So I resized the big button down, using another shirt that fits me well as a “pattern” to mark down how much to take in to make it a comfortable size. After I deconstructed and sewed it smaller, I cut the t-shirt into a square and sewed it to the back.


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Entertain Me Monday

My Return Of Saturn

April 13, 2015     Like This Post!

No Doubt Return Of Saturn Poster

Saturday apparently marked the fifteenth anniversary of No Doubt’s Return of Saturn. *Ahem* excuse me, fifteen years??

Return of Saturn was the album that turned me into a diehard No Doubt fan. I was already familiar and in favor of Tragic Kingdom, their breakthrough and most memorable album, but ROS really brought me there. I think it was a mixture of their newfound rock sound and Gwen Stefani’s pink hair’d attitude. I loved their image during that time; they reached a whole level of natural-cool. Their rock-ska sound was just perfect. It was exactly what I was into at that time as I started developing a love for rock music.
I became known as the “No Doubt superfan” in school. Everyone knew I loved the band, and I was not afraid to talk about it.


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Analyze This

A New Genuine Movement

April 10, 2015     Like This Post!

I want you to take 4 minutes out of your day to listen to this song + watch this video.

Aside from being such an amazing catchy song with a fantastic message, can you sincerely say you didn’t feel something from it?
I did some reading up on this “new sincerity” concept, describing modern times as an irony free and helpful period. It’s shown in film, music, literature, and even DIY videos people share on youtube. I think it’s cool that we’re finally living in an era like this, people being genuine and kind, and I can see the internet being a major vessel for sharing all of that, and it’s being acknowledged.


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Easy Laundry Hamper Makin’

April 8, 2015     Like This Post!

So yesterday I made some stamps that I used to decorate a pillowcase of mine which I wanted to include in this post today.
It’s crazy how if you look up embroidery hoop projects, a BOATLOAD of DIYs pop up. I found this SUPER easy laundry hamper idea and made one for myself since I was hamperless and all kinds of scattered+messy.


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