One Day In Philly

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A couple of months ago, I went on a day day trip to Philadelphia with friends. New York is about a two hour bus ride from Philly, but even knowing that, I only managed to go recently for the first time.

We picked a Saturday. Left at 9am and arrived back in NYC at 9pm. It was an entire exhausting day, but totally worth it.

I went with a group of friends, and to make it an interesting trip, we all picked one destination we’d like to check out in the city.

I picked the Mutter Museum. My friends picked Jim’s Steaks, Omoi Zakka Shop, and Spruce Street Harbor Park.

Along the way, we stopped at Eye’s Gallery (I LOVED this place), had ice cream at Fezziwig’s, checked out some stationary at Paper Moon, walked along down South Street, and observed all of the wall mosaic art everywhere. I’ve never seen so much mosaic in any area, especially in a city. We passed the Liberty Bell, and all I thought of was National Treasure.

We walked everywhere, not taking public transportation at all. Our legs were in pain at the end of the day, but we didn’t mind it once we were back on the bus, of course.

I wasn’t sure how much I would like Philly, but we all agreed that we had a great time and we plan on making more trips for sure.

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