It’s Not Lady Luck

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about motivation and what drives people to try and be go-getters. I have some friends currently browsing for new jobs; some notice how miserable they are in their current situation and are actively applying for new jobs, and some know they’re miserable but can’t seem to find the motivation to apply to job postings they come across. This makes me wonder what the latter can do to find the will to send their resumes out to change their situation. Not everyone is a go-getter. Hell, I’m not either, but I try my best to change my situation if I find it’s not working for me. Adapting for the better can really make a huge difference in your outlook on life.

I also do believe in fate and timing. If the universe doesn’t think you’re ready for something, then fate will do what it has to do. I struggled to make things work out in my favor after I graduated college. It seemed that everything was falling into place for me when I moved to Portland, but when I arrived, it was a different story. The universe was not in my favor and I had to make a decision as to where to go and what to do.

I moved back home, and I’ve been thinking about my decision recently. I don’t regret my move back to New York because things eventually turned around and I’m in the best place I could find myself in right now. Things have been falling into place for me – better late than never, I guess.

I don’t see this as luck. I believe this was fate. But as much as fate had a strong role, I never gave up in trying to turn my life around because every day that passed, it really felt like I was falling into a black hole. Fighting and fighting is important. I never really stopped fighting when I moved home, and since then I’ve been trying to expand into the freelance world. This year seems to be a good year for me in terms of freelancing. That universe!

I really do believe in finding what motivates you and going for things. No one likes that dreaded “what if”. Be a boss and make things work in your favor. Sometimes things take time and circumstances can make or break you, but I really do believe in still trying and trying. No one will look out the way that you look out for yourself. Find your inner boss.
As Tim Gunn says:

So with that said, I don’t think I really believe in luck. I believe in people trying to find their own way instead of coming across some “luck”. At the end of the day, I believe you’re responsible for what happens to you. So, pave your own way and fight for what you want. Don’t give up even if it feels like things are working against you. I do feel that’s fate looking out for you and guiding you towards the path you’re meant to be on.

I made this little graphic and shared it on Redbubble here. If you connect with this, feel free to show this to the world on a shirt or tote bag or anything you want, and motivate people to do what they got to do to succeed. Don’t rely on “luck”.

This is brought to you by Motivation by Maria: 101. Sometimes I think about what it’s like to be a motivational speaker. Hmmm.

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