New Beginnings

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Last year, I was on an illustration binge, seeking out indie zines to contribute artwork too. I support small and local, and I’m also try to get some work published even if I’m not getting paid. It’s a thing you have to sacrifice when you’re trying to build a client list. It’s especially easier when you have a full time job with an income, which is why I don’t mind doing art pro bono.

The unfortunate part is when these zines receive too many submissions where you find yourself not making the cut and it’s a bit disappointing. But what can you do. It’s part of the game.

This piece I did was one of them. The theme was “new beginnings“. I tried something new, and maybe that wasn’t the way to go for me because the execution was not my best, but it was an aesthetic I wanted to imitate from the 90s SoCal and Memphis movement. A lot of artists these days are replicating those art styles with their own twist, and I’m in love. I wanted to do something like that too.

I guess this post is just an example of trying and learning. I’d like this is an intro into a new style and aesthetic for me, but you never know what direction you find yourself. Seems almost kinda appropriate with the theme of the zine I submitted to – irony?

In the meantime, I have some new submissions I’m working on and I hope they come together more smooth with better execution than this one.

2018: you gotta dust yourself off and try again!

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