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One New Years resolution I always have is to use more film and take more pictures. I had my eye on two finished rolls that I wanted to get developed but I couldn’t find the will to travel all over the city to find a place to do this job for me. Pharmacies like CVS/Walgreens are not even an option because they ruined a couple rolls of mine a few years back and couldn’t fix their mistake because their policy states that they throw out film strips within a week. (Make note all y’all!) So I finally found a place by my job that I was able to run to during my lunch break. I didn’t even remember what was on these so it was a surprise when I got them back developed. That’s what I love about film. The element of surprise.

A lot of the pictures are kinda nonsense since I found an old film camera my parents had from the 90s and I used one 35mm roll to experiment to see how well the camera still worked. It’s an old 90s type with batteries and all. It still holds up!

These are some of my favorites basically ranging from 2014-2016. They take place in NYC, Brooklyn, Long Island, & Portland.

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