L7 Came Back To Bitch

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These days I’ve been on an illustration kick, which makes me feel productive and good. Pop culture is always gonna be my go-to inspiration, so when L7 released their newest song, it triggered me, and I did a little Donita Sparks illustration.

I should also make note that I’ve been on a heavy L7 kick as well. I recently watched their documentary L7: Pretend We’re Dead, and it just brought back all the love I had for them before, along with new appreciation. The roller coaster ride that bands go on is insane, and what really gets my brain juices flowing is the fact that so many bands are reuniting because of demand, and a lot of reunions have been hella successful. Like, even more than when they were around and popular. Take Slowdive for example: they couldn’t even fill tiny venues when they were around, but now because of the internet and their timeless sound, they’re selling out huge venues.

This new spark of “vintage” bands has encouraged tours, festivals, new albums, and even documentaries. They all have the similar stories as what L7 experienced. You’re in one day, you’re out the next day. Give it twenty years and you’ll discover a whole new fan base you never thought would be possible. It’s wild.

Anywho, after watching the documentary, I was encouraged to check out if there were tour dates for L7, and low and behold – yes there were! I saw they’re playing NY in Brooklyn, and you better bet your darn tush I’ll be there. My high school self is squealing with excitement that I’m being given the opportunity to see these trailblazing, hard rockin’ ladies that have been a big deal to me since my early teens.

When you’re young, sometimes you don’t understand the influence certain music has on people. Now that I’m older, I’m happy I could understand and appreciate the positive influence they’ve had on me, and it just makes my love for this band and their music grow deeper.

That’s all I have to say for now, so with that said, here’s the new song L7 have blessed us with. Their music will always be so relevant.

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