‘Journal Stuff’ Pouch

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Since starting my bullet journal, I’ve been all about buying stickers, markers, and washi tape. It got to the point where I didn’t know how to organize and I needed a pouch to hold them in. It’s easier to have one dedicated to my journal, so I set aside some time to get organized. I made a planner specifically for my “journal stuff”.

It had to be wide enough to fit my sticker sheets, which was my main concern. I knew everything else would fit in perfectly.

I gathered supplies -> fabric, scissors, sewing needle and thread. I decided to sew this by hand because why not. I measured the front and back of the pouch, cut them evenly and attached them to the zipper.

After scouring my fabric scraps, I decided to decorate the front and back with lace because lace immediately enhances anything.

Instead of attaching the front and back together, I cut a long strip for the sides of the pouch since I wanted it to be thick.

After measuring, of course, this size is exact and perfect based on all my goods. It’s currently holding quite a bit, which is all I wanted. Being organized is amazing!

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