Hanging Rag Tassels

September 22, 2017     Like This Post!

After being absent for a month, I’m feeling confident coming back with some new projects, words, and pop culture sharing.

I’ve been quite into the “rag” projects lately. There’s nothing like using fabric you don’t have a use for. This rag rug is a good project to make a dent, especially when you make multiple. I made another one for a friend and I may potentially make an area rug size for another friend. It feels good making space in your fabric scrap drawers.

For this tassel project, there was some yards of fabric I had no use for at all. It was large enough for me to make long tassels which was perfect for this project.

I still have a lot of blue twine available, so I used that as the string. I roughly measured my window lengths, so I kinda winged it and cut a little extra just in case. Between you and me, I could have made the length a little shorter, but I could live with my decision.

I went through a bunch of fabric trips and shoelaces that I looped around the twine and tied them. Towards the end, I did end up digging around for more fabric because I was running out, but I made it work.

I looped the ends of the string and used Command hooks, three specifically, to hang up the string of tassels.

For a while, I was bouncing between curtains or hanging something fun. I don’t really need curtains on my windows, and these cute tassels add a little something extra to my windows that I needed.

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