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Family Doppelgängers

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When I was in Greece, I couldn’t help but take advantage by asking family about stories from my parent’s youth. Accompanied with the stories were old photo albums that were loaded with photos I’ve never seen before. I’ve only seen my dad’s baby photo and his army photo when he was in his early twenties. Those two and that’s it, so it was a treat to see more than just those two photos.

Of course, there were a few gems that stood out that made me think “he/she looks like [insert name]” and I created little collages since I got a kick out of it.
It’s not very hard to entertain me.

My mom could pass as Bilinda Butcher‘s sister for sure. My mom has dyed her hair all sorts of blonde for a long time, so maybe it’s the dark hair that brings out the resemblance. Especially in this photo of her.

My dad may or may not have been in Hall & Oates. Looking through the old photo albums, he sported this hairstyle for many years which I think was after he moved to America in the 80’s. Also, that ‘stache. Oh, trends.

During his days as a youngster in Athens, my dad was the tamed version of Willard. He raised hamsters and sold them. He mostly bred “exotic” hamsters with long fur and whatnot. To be a successful business man, you gotta start somewhere.

My aunt can definitely pass as Chloe Sevigny‘s twin/sister. She’s got a similar face, and browsing through old photos, I kept thinking the same thing. Which ain’t a bad thing. Chloe is still the coolest person in the world.

Do you have any family or friends that can pass as a familiar face in Hollywood or not-so-Hollywood?

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