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After work lately, I’ve been using my time attending networking events and taking the freelance thing more seriously. I’m still kinda questioning my career path and the kind of life I want to work towards. Freelance seems like a possible future I may want and I’m lucky to have a steady income while having the allowance to work on stuff on the side. This is the time to do it, when you’re not under pressure to make an income.

Since I’m taking my freelance more seriously, I designed and ordered new business cards. I got square cards from MOO, which always come great. Since I don’t think I want to quite carry around the MOO box the cards come in, I wanted to make a pouch for my business cards.

For days I tried coming up with a pattern in my head of how I wanted to cut and sew it. All I knew is that I wanted to use this design of mine that I got printed through Spoonflower.

I measured my square business cards as well as the standard size cards so that way they’d obviously fit a little better than just snug.

I doubled up on the pieces, facing the right sides together. I wanted a thicker pouch with clean edges inside and out. I know there were better ways to sew it, but this is the way I wanted to do this pouch.

After pinning the sides together, I sewed around leaving a little space to turn the pieces inside-out.
I did this to both pieces, and pinned the smaller piece on top of the bigger piece and sewed them together.

I have a snap fastener kit that I felt was useful as a closer for this pouch. It was a little tricky for this fabric because it wasn’t thick enough for the snap to fit comfortably. One side of the snap slipped out and I tried again but it didn’t work well. So I made one with some leftover leather I had, which worked SO much better.

I consider the blue pouch to be a “prototype”, so I don’t consider this a useable pouch. The red one will be my go to. I actually really love it.

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