Bullet Journal 2018

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Back in high school, I was obsessed with my agenda books. I decorated the covers, doodled all in the insides, and made note of everything I needed to keep track of. I was organized. College brought the opposite. I got lazy. Had no planner. Honestly I don’t remember how I kept track of things. Last year was the first year since high school that I bought a planner. But I couldn’t get into the swing of things and I rarely used it. Organization means a lot to me, but sometimes I really do find it hard to get into the swing of things.

While in a stationary store with some friends, they were talking about their planners for 2018 and I asked myself what I was gonna do for the next year. I liked the planner I had for 2017, but it was too jazzed up in a way that didn’t work with me and how I wanted to keep track of things. I bought a notebook that day, and brainstormed with my friends. They told me to turn it into a bullet journal. I did a lot of research and totally got into it. I thought about my goals and what I’d like to keep track of.

Obviously, keeping track of important daily events and plans is what I originally wanted. So I dedicated two page spreads to each month. The page on the left is the daily stuff, and the page on the right is split into tasks and goals.

I then got specific and picked out other topics I want to track, mostly revolving around money spending. I created a “needs & wants” page, a jar drawing to keep track of money that goes into my savings, and a daily spending tracker.

For personal pages, I fixed up a menstruation tracker, beauty page, and gratitude spreads to make note of one good thing that happens each day. Those pages involve a lot of collage.

For entertainment, there’s a “movies to watch” page, and “tv series to watch”.
I didn’t know what to do with the rest of the pages in my notebook, so I thought it ain’t such a bad idea to do some daily journaling including pictures printed from my Polaroid printer, and collages.

It’s been keeping me organized and creative. Since creating the pages and utilizing them, I’ve already been making note of what works and what doesn’t so I can be prepared for 2019! It’s never too early to think about these things.

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