Band T-shirt Pillow Case

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Last year I made the decision to really clean out a lot of my closet and, really, things in general. I got rid of loads of stuff. Every so often I had to made some hard decisions because I’m attached to everything I own.

When I was younger, I was way into collecting band t-shirts. I couldn’t stop. I had so much, but the thing is that I wore all of them so I didn’t feel right getting rid of any of them. So I had an excessive pile of band shirts.

Over the years, my wardrobe and style changed. I wore less and less of them and they just sat there taking up space in my closet. So I gathered all the shirts I couldn’t part ways with but didn’t wear anymore and set up some sewing projects for them. One idea was to making pillow cases out of them. I had the project set up but I didn’t execute it until recently. So I went for it making one pillow case to see how it would come out.

I gathered similar colored shirts. In this case I picked out my black and white ones. I took them apart, and compared measurements to a pillow case I already owned.

I treated it like my normal patchwork projects, combining them together with multi colored thread, and like-colored fabrics as “fillers” when my graphic tees weren’t enough. The measuring part was a little tough and tedious but I just kept comparing to my pillow case to make sure I was on the right path to not make it too tight nor too loose.

It only made sense to make it double sided, using more t-shirts. That way I can flip the pillow and whatnot. You know, pillow things. Besides they say that you should change your bed sheets often, and for me I would probably feel more comfortable changing my pillow cases a little more often than my sheets. Just imagine all the sweat, dirt, oils, and makeup you’re rolling around on. I make it sound like I don’t shower everyday – I do, but some of these things you can’t avoid.

Having a few extra fun pillow cases to change in between doesn’t sound like a bad idea. New year, new habits!

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