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90’s Fashion In Films

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I had just arrived home on Saturday from my three month long trip and am real excited to be back. While I prepare my photos for the upcoming posts that will be more in depth about my trip than what I was able to post while in Greece, I’ll post my weekly entertaining post today that I accidentally neglected the past couple of weeks.
So here we go.

The visual aspects of movies are something that is hard to ignore. I wouldn’t call myself fashion obsessive, but I appreciate fashion that is featured in films. Obviously eccentric styles are my favorites as I have shown here.

My favorite style era is the 90’s. As most movies are not intended to be presented as fashion films, the stylings of characters in most movies are just fantastic. I can create quite a long list to show that, but for now I’ll show my top 3 that always come to mind.

01. Vickie Miner from Reality Bites [1994]
Vickie Miner in Reality Bites fashion
If you pay attention to more recent decades of fashion, they seem to resurrect older fashion styles. The 90’s seemed to mimic the 70’s and Janeane Garofalo’s character really represents that.
I came across a statement somewhere that basically explains how sometimes we can’t help but feel nostalgia for the decade we were born in and we can’t help but mimic the fashion and collect things from our childhood (which explains why I adore the 90’s the most), and Janeane’s character Vickie seemed to do the same with the 70’s which is why her style reflects what was worn during that time. The floral printed dresses, color blocks, platform shoes, all mixed with baby bangs and long black hair.
Vickie’s style is a nice mix between the 70’s and 90’s and I appreciate her fun look greatly.

02. Amy Blue from The Doom Generation [1995]
Amy Blue in Doom Generation fashion
Rose McGowan was one of the ‘it’ girls from the 90’s for sure. She arose in the underground scene playing the indie badass, cynical rebel figures which was exciting to see in films. She was consistent and it was refreshing to have someone like her in Hollywood. The Doom Generation was her first full length appearance, and is the most memorable for most people when they think about her. As complicated as this movie is, Amy Blue’s outfits are simple and easy to imitate. She seems to only appear in two outfits, one being a short sleeveless black dress with boots, and a thrifted pink dress with a clear PVC raincoat with white cat eye glasses. Short black hair and long fringe with red lipstick finishes her look that fits her attitude so well.

02. Nora Diniro from Pump Up The Volume [1990]
Nora Diniro in Pump Up The Volume fashion
Aside from Christian Slater being the heartthrob of the 80’s – 90’s, Samantha Mathis really made a name for herself as well. Pump Up The Volume definitely is one under appreciated film from the 90’s representing an awesome radical movement with the youth. Not only is the movie awesome because of the rebellious story line, but the fashion is so amazingly 90’s. Nora Diniro’s attitude and style is fantastic and definitely represents the fashion from that decade.

The 90’s have lots of moments that show the visual influences of the 70’s in the fashion community. Between floral prints and bell bottoms, it was pretty obvious, yet as it always happens, it is recycled and twisted in a way that makes it fresh and modern.
It was a decade full of Gen X-ers lost in the recession, which if you watch Reality Bites, you’ll understand the full picture. It’s the best representation of the 90’s featured in a movie. The fashion choices makes the visual aspect of that decade a bright one even though there were struggles with the idea of trying to find a place in the workforce. It was a complicated time even though there were quite a number of progressive movements. #history

This decade is my favorite decade. It’s the most visually appealing decade for me, and it really inspires me more than I realize. Go 90’s!

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