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That ’70s Style // Jackie Edition

December 18, 2017     Like This Post!

You know when you don’t have cable but you still get a few channels for free when you plug in the cable cord? Well, surprisingly, we don’t get channel 2 or any of the other basic channels. Instead, we have the LAFF channel and the Grit channel. Because we don’t have a good, wide variety of channels, we tend to only watch LAFF.

On that channel, I’ve watched a whole lot of Night Court, Roseanne, Drew Carey Show, and That ’70s Show. I’m not a big fan of That ’70s Show, but it’s growing on me. I’ve mostly been watching it for the psychedelic scene transitions, and Jackie Burkhart’s outfits.

I love the 90s style because it’s a revival of the 70s with a grungy twist. The 70s was full of fun and interesting prints, and I love me some prints. They also followed a different silhouette, which I’ve been realizing, fits my body shape pretty well. Button downs tucked in have been becoming my thing, especially fun button downs. I gave bell bottoms up back in high school, but I’m thinking it may stay that way because I like tight ankle pants too much. I do miss bell bottoms sometimes though.

What’s cool about Jackie’s style is that it’s so colorful. I’ve always clashed colors ever since I started dressing myself, but I can’t seem to pull it off as well as Jackie. It looks like she includes a rainbow in all of her outfits, finished with denim pants – like, always. She really gives me clashing color envy.

It’s mostly the way she puts her outfit together that draws me in. I don’t think people would wear what she wore today, but you know what, I def would. Bring back the 70s style because I’d wear those psychedelic, florals, mustards, and weird patterns all day long.

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