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70’s Bag Pizzazz

January 23, 2018     Like This Post!

Over the summer of last year, my parents cleaned out my grandparent’s basement for slight renovation purposes. Their basement was full of all the knickknacks, sewing supplies, fabric, books, and tons of other flea market finds. I shared some pictures from the one day I went to help. Instead, I wasn’t too much of a help; I kinda took a lot of stuff because their fate was the trash. My dad did not hesitate to throw everything out, so I had to claim some stuff as mine to save them.

One example was this bag. It has “1970’s” written all over it. I love 70’s goods, and even though I’m not much of a purse person, I figured this could be an interesting bag to use.

Thing is, since it’s been in a basement for years on end, it’s collected marks and stains. I usually like to repaint or smother things in fabric to give it a new look, but I didn’t want to ruin the “vintage” feel of this bag. I found some other patches and beads down in that basement, so I decided to use patches and beads to cover up some of the marks on the bag.

I kept it super simple this time, but I figured I can always add more to it, obviously within reason. But enough to add some more jazz.

I think right now, the end result is cute. I’d hate for it to be all overkill, so I may leave it as is.

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